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Tridentify Solution

Tridentify delivers an advanced SaaS system connecting to IoT Tracers*

* Medical Device Class IIa (MDD Certificate extended to end of 2028 due to Article 120 of MDR)

Tridentify delivers an advanced SaaS system connecting to IoT (Internet of Things) tracers. Unlike other solutions, Tridentify’s patented QTA tracer is configured down to an organizational level, to the exact specifications of the sensitive goods. This gives it the ability to communicate the remaining shelf-life of the individual package in real-time.

Organ transportation

Some realities - Did you know?


20 %

Of temperature-sensitive medicine is damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain.


25 %

Of vaccines reach their target degraded due to incorrect delivery.


6.6 Billion

Worth of vaccines is discarded annually due to lack of temperature control.



Even worse

Is that vaccines are given with insufficient or no function at all.

USP Tridentify

How it works

A brief introduction to understand how it works.

Cloud based SaaS Solution

Tridentify - coldchain as a service - we make unique, real time, tracking and tracing solutions for the healthcare industry. Our Safeguarding solution accurately measures temperature, light and condition, throughout the life cycle of biological and pharma products.

SaaS = Software as a Solution

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