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Blood and Transfusion Medicine

Did you know that 1 155 000 units of blood bags are discarded annually in Europe?

Do you meet the EU requirements today? Several experts believe that most actors do not meet EU the requirements (ECD 2005 / 62EC) "the blood quality shall be guaranteed all the way from the donor to recipient". In end 2023 EU parliament approved a new regulation – Substances of Human Origin (the SoHO Regulations) , expected to be approved by the EU council during Q1-2024.


Will you be compliant according to the new SoHO Regulations? Our Safeguarding quality solution will support blood and transfusion medicine staff in various blood-transfusion demanding areas such as bloodbanks and hospitals.
Our solution is easy to use, minimizing waste and securing patient safety in any complex settings. 


Besides being an insult to the donors, there may be increasing shortages of quality-assured blood at local hospitals. Analysts backed by data points out that access to blood will be even more scarce in the future.

* Source: The World Health Organisation (WHO)

Shelf-life Calculation

Shelf-life calculation

The lifespan of a product is usually not affected by a single short temperature peak. Using a modern temperature logger, it only indicates that a pharmaceutical product has exceeded a set temperature limit which many times results in the product being discarded. 

With Tridentify Safeguarding solution you can allow short temperature peaks. System will only trigger alarm when shelf life is consumed. You can also always set max/min temp that product are not allowed to exceed.

How it works

Did you know that one blood bag saves up to three lives?

Did you know that our transfusion medicin customers report up to 80 % less waste?

Did you know that our solution is compliant with ISBT standards?

  • The cloud based portal is configured on organization level and to the exact cold-chain specifications of the blood product

  • We monitor all types of blood products; whole blood, erythrocytes, platelets and plasma

  • Collected data from transfusion item are validated according to ISBT standard and are searchable in the system.

  • By using a handheld device, eg a mobile phone - or a generic barcode reader - the blood bag is paired to the tracer and the monitoring can begin

  • As the transfusion item is exposed to time and temperature, the tracer system monitors in real time and constantly calculates the remaining shelf-life of the transfusion item

  • Based on the specification of the product the tracer will give a visual indication with green or red light which tells if blood product is safe to use - in real time.

  • The cloud based portal offers in depth and real time analytical possibilities of the monitored blood products

The reasons for using Tridentify Safeguarding solution


Easy to use

  • Easy to use for anyone,  anywhere

  • No complicated IT-installation at the customer’s site nor software installations

  • Open API cloud solution

  • Quality light sensor - visual indication


Automatic shelf-life calculation

  • Continuous calculation of stability and shelf-life

  • Calculates and works even where there is no connection

  • Event driven and/or based on your specific needs


Quality & Compliance

  • Automatic QA decision process if the product is ok

  • Real-time monitoring, tracing & geoposition reporting

  • Patented quality algorithms

  • MDD MedTech Device Class IIa


Patient Safety and Sustainability

  • Safeguarding medicines and pharmaceuticals

  • Patient safety and adherence

  • Reduced waste

  • Process efficiency & cost savings

  • Ensures health of patients


“Timely implementation of an item level tracing system for our hospital blood bank, which distributes about 13’000 RBCs per year. This helped us to replace a system where the support ended.”


“Knowing the temperature of the packed red blood cells from the moment they were sent to the blood bank has allowed us to safely recover many bags of blood.”

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