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Shelf-life Control System

Safely measures temperature and condition throughout the life cycle of biological & pharma products

Our Safeguarding Shelf-life Control System accurately measures temperature and condition, throughout the life cycle of biological and pharma products. Unlike all other solutions, the Tracer System® is programmed to the exact specifications of the medicine. This gives it the ability to communicate the shelf-life of the actual individual package it is attached to in real time. This means the residual time that the product can be used safely while maintaining its function. This advantage, together with the easy integration of the system, greatly facilitates the necessary streamlining and digitalisation of healthcare.


How the QTA Tracer continuously calculates shelf-life in real time

Tracer settings are configurable to meet your needs and comply with national or local regulations.
It would be the easiest thing if blood was always stored and transported at the same temperature.Then you would know that blood stored at 4°C would be valid for 35 or 42 days - 1008 hours in the latter case. But the reality is that the blood will be exposed to many different temperatures during its lifetime.

The QTA Tracer (MDD MedTech Device Class IIa*) recalculates the "remaining shelf life" in real-time, - adjust the expiration date - for the blood at each log. If the tracer is configured to log every third minute, the expiration date will be adjusted every third minute. You don't have to guess how much life has been lost when the blood has been exposed to 14°C for two hours. The Tracer does that for you with accuracy, in real-time.
*MDD Certificate extended to end of 2028 due to Article 120 of MDR

How the QTA Tracer continuously calculates shelf-life in real time
Shelf-life calculation

Shelf-life calculation

The lifespan of a product is usually not affected by a single short temperature peak. Using a modern temperature logger, it only indicates that a pharmaceutical product has exceeded a set temperature limit which many times results in the product being discarded. 

With Tridentify Safeguarding solution you can allow short temperature peaks. System will only trigger alarm when shelf life is consumed. You can also always set max/min temp that product are not allowed to exceed.

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