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Customer Cases

Examples of the customers we support and the value our cold chain solution can bring.  

> Do you have challenges as well with your cold chain ?

> Do you want to improve your processes and save costs?

> Quality - Sustainability - Patientsafety, does it matter?


Global pharmaceutical delivery partner

A global pharmaceutical company delivers sensitive medications directly to patients using couriers such as UPS, FedEx or DHL. A USB logger is used to monitor the delivery, but manual processes and high costs create problems.

Challenges and Costs

  • Annual cost: €17.5M, including courier and variances

  • Time-consuming process to handle deviations

  • Lack of real-time monitoring with the logger and
    digital connection to the product

  • Delay in decision to use the product or not – patient safety issue

When you choose Tridentify

  • Cost savings and reduced waste

  • Real-time monitoring with the tracer and digital connection to the product

  • Green/red light tracer indication for product safety upon arrival

  • Automatic QA decision if the product is usable - MDD Medtech Class IIa device

  • Fast handling of the product, from days to seconds


  • Annual cost with Tridentify: €6.2M

  • Cost savings: About 65% of the total cost

  • Increased patient safety through a faster and more reliable process

  • Less waste and a more sustainable process


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (APIC) shipments to the pharmaceutical manufacturing site

An API from South America, valued at ~€1.2M, is sent to the UK via sea transport and monitored with a USB logger. Only upon arrival after 4-5 weeks is the temperature alarm detected and materials must be discarded, causing delays in production and economic losses of up to
€2.3 - €3.5 million.

Challenges and Costs

  • Loss of API value: €1.2M

  • Manufacturing delay: €2.3 - €3.5M

  • Total cost in case of non-conformity: Approx. €4.1M/year

When you choose Tridentify

  • Cost savings

  • Earlier detection of temperature deviation

  • Ability to control temperature deviations in real time

  • Possible to save the product through faster reaction to deviation – reduced waste

  • Reduced risk of manufacturing delays


  • Cost with Tridentify: Approx €58K/year

  • Prevention of deviations and saved costs of
    approx. €4.1M/year

  • Zero waste


European blood bank

A European blood bank needed a new system to prevent waste of rare blood bags. They had issues with blood bags that were wasted, but maybe had no quality issues. They did not know for sure and products were wasted to mitigate patient risks.

Challenges and Costs

  • Lack of blood bags

  • Waste of blood bags that may be ok to use since the quality are not tracked, eg at operations

  • Costs of approx. €84K/year of wasted blood bags

  • Challenges with quality processes

When you choose Tridentify

  • Blood bags taken from the refrigerator but not yet used can be saved for future use

  • Tracers monitor the temperature when the blood bag is taken out of the refrigerator and give an indication if the blood bag can be reused

  • Annual savings of over €84K by use of blood bags that are ok to use due to quality monitoring of shelf-life


  • Real-time quality monitoring of temperature and light exposure

  • Safer blood supply to hospitals and patients

  • Ensures high quality blood products and minimizes waste

  • Sustainability – multiple use and reduced waste

  • Ensures health of patients

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