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Life saving checkups on life saving goods - in real time

Tridentify delivers an advanced SaaS and IoT based decision-making system to overcome the limitations of currently available monitoring technologies. Unlike all other solutions, Tridentify’s patented Safeguarding system, is programmed to the exact specifications of the pharmaceutical. This gives it the ability to communicate the shelf-life of the actual individual package in real-time. Our Safeguaridng solution is a Medical Device IIa system*. This means the system can support a QA decision in seconds if the product is ok to use or not!

*MDD Certificate extended to end of 2028 due to Article 120 of MDR

Shelf-life Calculation

Shelf-life calculation

The lifespan of a product is usually not affected by a single short temperature peak. Using a modern temperature logger, it only indicates that a pharmaceutical product has exceeded a set temperature limit which many times results in the product being discarded. 

With Tridentify Safeguarding solution you can allow short temperature peaks. System will only trigger alarm when shelf life is consumed. You can also always set max/min temp that product are not allowed to exceed.

Shelf-life realtime - example

Shelf-life realtime - example

The reasons for using Tridentify Safeguarding solution

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Easy to use

  • Easy to use for anyone, anywhere

  • No complicated IT-installation at the customer’s site nor software installations

  • Open API cloud solution

  • Quality light sensor - visual indication


Automatic shelf life calculation

  • Continuous calculation of stability and shelf-life

  • Calculates and works even where there is no connection

  • Event driven and/or based on your specific needs


Quality & Compliance

  • Automatic QA decision process if the product is ok

  • Real-time monitoring, tracing & geoposition reporting

  • Patented quality algorithms

  • MDD MedTech Device Class IIa


Patient Safety and Sustainability

  • Safeguarding medicines and pharmaceuticals

  • Patient safety and adherence

  • Reduced waste

  • Process efficiency & cost savings

  • Ensures health of patients

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