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The only way to
know for sure

Tridentify offer a SaaS solution to safeguard the cold chain transport of temperature-sensitive goods such as pharma, blood, plasma and organs. The patented system continuously reports real-time data on the remaining shelf-life of the product.

With our medical technology - not just a logistics tool - sensitive goods can be put into use immediately after delivery without a formal QA. A revolution in the industry to save time, money and most importantly - ensure security and functionality for the end user!

Do you want to be sure?

This is why you will know

With our Safeguarding solution, you always have a close eye on how your temperature sensitive products are doing during the journey. Unlike other solutions, Tracer System® is programmed to understand and sense exactly how different types of medicines, vaccines, blood, plasma and organs are affected during a transport. You even have real-time control. In the end, this means safe products, safe patients and minimal wastage.

A SaaS real-time cloud solution for every device on the go

Tridentify has a SaaS solution using a unique IoT Tracer that is a MDD MedTech Device Class IIa*. Intended to work in the supply chain from the producer to user - or perhaps to the surgeon’s table or to a patient at home? Besides having full control using our cloud based portal, the control is extended to the IoT Tracer itself that ultimately give you a green or red light based on the ongoing calculation. We offer minimal installations, a pay-as you-go model, and an extensive database with easy API for export of data. 


*MDD Certificate extended to end of 2028 due to Article 120 of MDR

ISO 13485
ISO 9001
CE Certified
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