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Pharmaceutical and transfusion medicine transportation deals about life, death and money

Both blood transfusions and drug development have tough challenges. Annually, over 1,150,000 blood bags* are discarded in Europe, leading to shortages during surgeries. At the same time, the costs of advanced technology in drug development have increased exponentially. Overall, this means increased risk for patients and higher losses for healthcare providers. For nothing.

  • 20% of temperature-sensitive medicines are damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain

  • 25% of vaccines reach their destination in deteriorated condition due to incorrect delivery

  • Annually, 6.6 billion worth of products are thrown away due to inadequate temperature control.

*Source: WHO

Ongoing share issue - interested to learn more?

Tridentify is a privately owned company whose main investors have a successful background as entrepreneurs in life science - both MedTech and pharma - SaaS and other technologies. Private individuals and so-called "family offices" have so far mainly financed the company. Now, in March 2024, a share issue is taking place where external investors are invited and where one third of the issue is guaranteed by the board and existing owners.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Chairman of the Board Fredrik Buch (fredrik.buch (at) or Board member Jim Huzell (jim (at)

The 7 Rationales to invest in Tridentify

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Beyond proof of concept with very satisfied customers in  transfusion medicine. Now we are taking our patented technology to costly and sensitive biomedicine and clinical trials where the needs are imminent, and the market potential is enormous.

The only MedTech cold chain control system approved in the EU. Medical Device Class IIa. A key differentiator and high barrier to entry for competitors. FDA to follow 2024.

The only cold chain system with a patent algorithm for continuous stability calculation of the remaining shelf-life of blood and sensitive drugs. There are no obstacles to “automatic” release of medicines without a manual time-consuming compliance audit.

SaaS/IoMT business model - rapidly gaining ground in the pharmaceutical and health sectors. The private or public organizations can avoid Capex and simply pay for the service.

The system fits ideally into desirable digitalization processes. Easy to integrate into logistics and medical systems and requires a minimum of manual handling.

The new 2023 EU directive (SoHo) on cold chain control of blood and tissues forces blood centers and hospitals to introduce rigorous quality assurance systems.

Impact - our sustainable solution ensures that blood or medicines are safe to use and fulfill their purpose, even saves lives! All IoMT** units are reused and not discarded after a mission.


* SaaS = Software as a Service
** IoMT = Internet of Medical Things

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