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  • Johan Stormlund

Automatic shelf life calculation saves 80K CHF/Year

Tridentify started as a public hospital commissioned project with a simple goal: to find a way of monitoring the temperature of a blood bag from vein to vein to waste less blood.

This is something Interregional Blood Transfusion SRC Switzerland have been very successful doing. Since end of year 2020 they have been using the temperature monitoring system from Tridentify AB.

The difference between Tridentify´s system and competitors’ system are that Tridentify´s system not only monitor the temperature, but it also monitoring remaining shelf-life in real-time.

This will start to create Cost savings. Monika Finger, Distribution Manager at Interregional Blood Transfusion SRC says:” We use the Tracers on blood bags to monitor the temperature when they are outside the cold storage. For the blood bags not used we read out the temperature, and if the system shows there are remaining shelf-life, the blood bags can be saved for future use.”

The blood bags are normally stored in +2C to + 6C in maximum 42 days. But can be for a limited time in temperature even up to +15C. As the Tridentify´s system calculates remaining shelf life when the blood bags are exposed to higher temperatures, the system will give an OK if blood bag can be placed back in the cold store instead of going to waste.

Monika Finger says: “Last year we saved approximately 350 blood bags. The value for one blood bag is = 233 CHF”. This means that annually they are saving blood for a value = 80.000 CHF.

These savings are of course reduced by the operating costs but are still in positive territory.

It´s not only about the money saved. There is often a low stock of blood. Every single bag of blood we can save can help ensure the supply for the patients (in the hospitals)", says Monika.


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