Porträtt Fredrik Buch

Fredrik Buch

Fredrik is a physician with a degree from the University of Gothenburg.

Fredrik's professional activities span medical research and clinical operations, medical R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, fund management and venture capital/investments.

Fredrik has been Medical Director at Pharmacia/Pharmacia & Upjohn and Swedish Hoechst AB, Squibb AB/Bristol Myers Squibb AB Scandinavia.

Fredrik has been Head of SEB Läkemedelsfonder, Partner at HealthCap, Partner and Founder of Brilleon Capital and has been a venture consultant for Karolinska Investment Fund.

Fredrik Buch has extensive experience in board work and is currently on the boards of e.g. Intrance Medical System Inc/Intrance Holding AB, Cytovac A/S, Pila AB, Dicot AB and Acarix AB.