Example of a graph in our QTA-system

Example of a graph in our QTA-system

Note! Stability budget (orange line) starts to decrease from 100% towards 0% when temperature increase.

We go beyond current limitations

Our versatile system can monitor your biological products

We go beyond current limitations

Shelf-life in realtime

How the QTA tracer continuously calculates Shelf-life in real time, QTA Bio Tracer System 1400px

The chart shows you how the tracers continuously recalculate the remaining shelf-life. When the shelf-life has expired the tracers flashes red.

Easy Setup, Easy to use

Minimal configuration requires a 2D-scanner or a smartphone with QTA app.

Start/Stop tracer by scanning the barcode.

When passing a Check In Node, the tracer will send information wireless to the web portal, including geoposition (see picture).

Information of a specific product is easily found on the web-portal through a web browser.

Tracer with app on map

"The Tridentify QTA system is easy to implement with no intrusive IT integration thanks to it’s SaaS architecture. However, the data can easily be exported to be used in other systems."