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Tridentify is a Swedish Software-as-a-service MedTech company that helps customers control the entire supply as well as cold chain logistics for pharmaceuticals, blood, plasma, organs and other temperature sensitive goods.

The Tridentify Shelf-Life Control System (Tridentify SCS) is a unique and patented system that monitors and controls the status of a product in real time. You know immediately if a product is usable or not. This results in direct cost savings, reduces waste and not least ensures health.

We have now entered an exciting new phase where we are ramping up our resources as well as broadening our focus with new and improved IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices that connect to our cloud-based system.

With Tridentify's SaaS system, the costs of delivery audits are reduced. There is significantly less wastage and less destroyed biopharma. Our technology makes safer and easier to comply with current and future legislation and medical requirements. Finally, and most importantly, we increase the safety for the patient who can trust that the Biopharma fulfills its function.




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What Our Students Say

 Tridentify QTA is the only certified Medical Device (IIa) system for Quality Control in BioPharma Logistics

Tridentify’ s origin and core are not from a logistical point of view - but from a medicine technology point of view.

Medical precision