Blood and Transfusion medicine

One blood bag saves up to three lives*

One blood bag saves up to three lives*

Green means safe to use!


Our internet of things (IoT) tracers are temperature, light and movement monitoring devices. The units have their own memory, program and calculation capacity. They communicate with the cloud to download temperature tolerances and other specifications of the product they are attached to. This enables the tracer to continually calculate the remaining shelf-life of the product and the detailed data can be accessed through our SaaS portal. Furthermore - without access to the portal – the status can immediately be accessed on the actual blood unit. Check the tracer and it shows a green LED light for “safe to use” or a red light if the product has been compromised temperature wise or alternatively if the shelf-life has passed.

Our advanced tracer and decision-making system helps lab mangers, doctors and nurses to overcome the limitations of currently available logging technologies. Unlike all other solutions, our patented MedTech system is configured to the exact specifications of the bloodbag. This gives it the ability to communicate the shelf life of the actual individual unit it is attached to in real-time. The result – less waste and more use.


Timely implementation of an item level tracing system for our hospital blood bank, which distributes about 13’000 RBCs per year. This helped us to replace a system where the support ended.


Knowing the temperature of the packed red blood cells from the moment they were sent to the blood bank has allowed us to safely recover many bags of blood.


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    How it works

    • Our cloud-based portal is configured down to an organization level to the exact cold-chain specifications of the blood product. We monitor all types of blood products. Whole blood, erythrocytes, platelets and plasma.
    • By using a handheld device, eg a mobile phone - or a generic bar-code reader - the blood bag is paired to the tracer and the monitoring can begin.
    • As the blood product is exposed to time and temperature, the tracer system communicates with the cloud in real time and constantly calculates the remaning shelf-life of the blood product.
    • Based on the specification of the product the tracer will give a visual indication with green or red light which tells if blood product is safe to use. In real time.
    • At any point of time the cloudbased portal offers in depth and real time analytical possibilities of the monitored blood products.


    • Immediately tells if the blood is safe to use.
    • Easy to use for untrained staff.
    • Enables geographic traceability.
    • Easy use in any logistics system.
    • Cloud based system.
    • Strong patient adherence imperative.
    • User friendly desktop and mobile. applications (iOS and Android).
    • Fully customisable medical device class IIa solution.
    • Visual indication on tracer with green or red light tells if medicine is safe to use.

    Real time safety – follow regulations at ease

    Monitoring the remaining shelf-life of your valuable blood products, in real time, increases safety at work in all of the different hand-overs that a blood bag travels through. It improves handling for better quality, time and economy. It facilitates redistribution and logistics optimization. You can also monitor several locations from one place which makes it easy to follow regulations.



    "Tridentify becomes part of the blood bag – it becomes its voice. "