Global attention to the vulnerability of the pharma distribution

We go beyond current limitations

Our versatile system can monitor your biological products

We go beyond current limitations

Some realities:

  • 20% of temperature-sensitive medicine is damaged during transport due to a broken cold chain.
  • 25% of vaccines reach their target degraded due to incorrect delivery.
  • Vaccines worth $ 6.6 billion is discarded annually due to lack of temperature control.
  • Even worse is that vaccines are given with insufficient or no function at all.

Currently used solutions to solve and control the cold chain include:

Means: Deep freezers, refrigerators, Dry ice/CO2 packaging, cold carriers, temperature-controlled air cargo containers.

Control: Local temperature gauge monitoring, dataloggers attached to parcels, connected dataloggers - Seldom used through the whole supply chain.



Don't trust your gut.

Traditional cold chain monitoring equipment not enough:

  • Logistics and healthcare providers can not immediately access whether a medicine is usable, because current loggers and devices require a special audit later by trained quality staff or specialized physicians.

  • This leads to losses when medicines that in fact still have "shelf time" are discarded unnecessarily.

  • It also leads to illegitimate use of medicines, such as vaccines, that no longer have the medical properties to effectively help patients.

  • Tridentify goes beyond gut feeling.


Third party logistics? Care facility, hospital, patient? Whatever role or accountability in the supply chain, with the patented Tridentify QTA system you can rest assured that the pharma can be used safely within the timeframe from leaving the manufacturers warehouse to the end user by relying on the continuous feedback from the QTA system. This is not an advanced so called “logger” but a medical device Class IIa system. Hence, Tridentify’s origin, core and standard level are not from a logistical point of view - but from a medical technology and human safety point of view.

Beyond predictive analytics

Tridentify delivers an advanced SaaS system connecting to IoT tracers, able to overcome the limitations of the current available logging technologies. Unlike other solutions, Tridentify’s patented QTA tracer is configured down to an organizational level, to the exact specifications of the sensitive goods. This gives it the ability to communicate the remaining shelf life of the individual package in real-time. Our QTA system is easy to implement with no intrusive IT integration thanks to it’s SaaS architecture. However, the data can easily be exported to be used in other systems. We are confident that we have the best technical solution for Pharmaceuticals that meets both current and tightening future regulatory requirements. The system can be programmed in detail for all parameters. In practice, adaptations may be needed, so please contact us to discuss a solution according to your specific needs.

Remember! Tridentify QTA is the only certified Medical Device (IIa) system for Quality Control in BioPharma Logistics


"The Tridentify QTA system is easy to implement with no intrusive IT integration thanks to it’s SaaS architecture. However, the data can easily be exported to be used in other systems."